Monday, October 11, 2010

Lets pARTy! Having fun at an art party

Sooo... what's a pARTy? A pARTy is when you invite some friends over, I bring the art supplies, and we play! The best thing is, is that this is an all levels kind of event, from beginner to pro. Absolutely no creativity or 'talent' is needed, as I will talk the beginners through the process, in between folks I'll help as you need, and the pros, well you can just let go and have a great time! So how do you have a pARTy of your own? contact me and we'll set up a time, then you invite your friends. Make sure they bring: -an apron -ink jet photo's printed on glossy photo paper,(cheap paper works best). -mementos related to the photo's, ie: pressed flowers, feathers, coins, shells, stones, ticket stubs, theater bills and invitations (photocopies if the original are precious) -interesting bits, I love rusty stuff, you may love broken bits of jewelry, anything goes! -old books, phone books, sheet music, maps, brochures, and magazines are all good. -a sense of humor, wonder, and exploration. I charge a flat rate per participant of $25.00, I bring all of the art supplies. I require a minimum of 3 participants in the London/St Thomas area, more for further afield. If you wish you may supply refreshments, but I really recommend that if be kept simple, since we're gonna get messy. Don't worry I bring plastic sheets! Review of October Workshop Robin Baratta presented a mixed media art workshop for the Elgin District Retired Teachers' Wellness Day in October 2010. It was a wonderful hands-on event and a totally fresh approach to preparing an art piece of which anyone could be proud. Robin came extremely well-supplied with a large variety of samples and materials to allow each participant to create something unique and personal. Robin has a fresh approach, great enthusiasm and energy to inspire anyone, especially those who do not necessarily see themselves as artists. Part of creating something entirely new in art sometimes requires one to venture outside their comfort zone a little, and she makes it a comfortable and risk-free experience. Event co-ordinator Millie G.

Friday, September 10, 2010

October workshop

Contemporary Art: Altered Images with Robin Baratta

District 41’s Teachers Union, Third Wellness Day Oct. 18th 10:45-11:45 and 1:00-2:00
St. Thomas Seniors Centre Chestnut St St. Thomas

Contact Millie for registration and details.