Monday, August 5, 2019

Samples of Art Based Projects In Long Term Care

This is just a smattering of the things we do. 
 I tie in the season/current holiday, sensory play, and memory enhancement.

collaborative: IMO James Brunt

collaborative: Canada 150, 288 tiles each tells the story of a resident
collaborative: Christmas
Collaborative: Christmas

At Work

Earth Day

Magnolia Trees

Mono Prints

sensory/process art

Valentines collage

Remembrance Day

St Patrick's Day Quilling

Capillary Paper Painting

Halloween mask and paint

   'reductive' mono prints

mask and paint

mask and paint Christmas Cards

Valentines Collage IMO Gullah 
world peace day IMO Picasso

Easter window bling

reductive mono prints

Mixed media on Yupo

window clings on Yupo

corn husk sunflowers

Easter, Faberge eggs, and Hydrangeas

dried flower Mandela 

Canada Day Canada Means To Me Word Map