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Monday, August 5, 2019

Samples of Art Based Projects In Long Term Care

This is just a smattering of the things we do. 
 I tie in the season/current holiday, sensory play, and memory enhancement.

collaborative: IMO James Brunt

collaborative: Canada 150, 288 tiles each tells the story of a resident
collaborative: Christmas
Collaborative: Christmas

At Work

Earth Day

Magnolia Trees

Mono Prints

sensory/process art

Valentines collage

Remembrance Day

St Patrick's Day Quilling

Capillary Paper Painting

Halloween mask and paint

   'reductive' mono prints

mask and paint

mask and paint Christmas Cards

Valentines Collage IMO Gullah 
world peace day IMO Picasso

Easter window bling

reductive mono prints

Mixed media on Yupo

window clings on Yupo

corn husk sunflowers

Easter, Faberge eggs, and Hydrangeas

dried flower Mandela 

Canada Day Canada Means To Me Word Map

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Studying eyes

My 10-12 yr old students have been studying eyes. 
Clay work, and water colour. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Kids classes at Gutheries

This fall I'm really excited be teaching kids classes at Guthrie's. 

4 weeks for $70.00

The magic of salt painted mandalas. 
The circular design of traditional mandalas will be explored. Participants will design their own mandala and then paint it using salt and dyes.

Blotting paper transfer paintings 
Participants will create an art piece on blotting paper that will be transferred using capillary action  resulting in a soft focus dreamy looking painting.

Texture paintings
Participants will create marks in a wet responsive surface, then glaze the work with colour, resulting in a rich and interesting looking contemporary art work.

Photo soon

Participants will create a colourful ‘stained glass’ window hang using tactile techniques.

Also I'll be teaching two 4 hour Family Fun Saturday work shops. 

October 17th
Printing and collage for kids and adults. 
Colliagragh: creating a printing plate from papers and found objects  
Gelli printing and collage: 
November 21st
Crazy Critters, creating an assemblage critter from wire, clay, and found objects. 

Picture soon

 If you'd like more information contact Olga 519-652-1066
Or at 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Samples of Projects in Long Term Care


mask and paint

St Patricks Day combination monoprint/collage

Collage using bleeding tissue

Combination paint and collage 
Combination stamping and watercolour painting

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Residents of Saint Mary's and Marian Villa art program.

The focus of the art program I run at St Mary's and Marian Villa is on maintaining and improving fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and on pure recreational enjoyment.

The residents I work with have varying levels of physical and or mental impairment. I have prepared for each session, two projects of different challenge levels.

I passionately feel that the act of creation is as important to those at the end of life's journey as it is for those at the beginning. One only has to see the look of joy in the eyes of a dementia patient who is creating, to see the value of these activities. Often no other program has the ability to hold the attention of these patients except for their weekly art program.

I also have found, that the resulting 'art' is a bridging tool for families to connect with their loved ones in care.

"C" and "L" 's work

"C" and "L" 's clay reliefs.

"C" had lots of fun with a pallet knife and acrylic paints on this one.

I love the perspective "L" put into this painting, I feel like I'm standing at the foot of the tree, and looking up, way up.

Frank Stella inspired work

marionettes -body proportion study