Saturday, October 1, 2011

Residents of Saint Mary's and Marian Villa art program.

The focus of the art program I run at St Mary's and Marian Villa is on maintaining and improving fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and on pure recreational enjoyment.

The residents I work with have varying levels of physical and or mental impairment. I have prepared for each session, two projects of different challenge levels.

I passionately feel that the act of creation is as important to those at the end of life's journey as it is for those at the beginning. One only has to see the look of joy in the eyes of a dementia patient who is creating, to see the value of these activities. Often no other program has the ability to hold the attention of these patients except for their weekly art program.

I also have found, that the resulting 'art' is a bridging tool for families to connect with their loved ones in care.

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